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Well frankly honest the way you will use the carvy will define how it flows…

It is a model that will give the most out of any surface, ideal for any kind of person that is looking to move with their own rhythm.

The 23 model which defines the width is best suited for anyone that enjoys not so wide deck or people that do not have gorilla feet 😉 // 43+ EU size



The CRUISY it is a more mellow version of the CARVY due to having a longer wheelbase and a less wide deck which makes the skate more…CRUISY 😉


Smileskate is a multi-tool…use it to train, have fun, flow everywhere, practice surf maneuvers, exercise your body by being creative on ground!


You do not need a lot of space to practice…wear your wrist guards just to be super safe & your smile journey begins.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 78 × 23 cm

2 reviews for CRUISY 23

  1. CLARITA // @claridadee

    ~ Hello guys !!! By using my smileskate boards I could improve movements on the skateboard and on the surfboard! I think smileskate boards are amazing to be able to improve movements and train you. Besides being able to go with them everywhere! I have many tables of other brands very good but in relation to my smileskates, I felt very good, they have a different flow, giving rise to meet new movements !!! Thanks smileskate for creating a really cute and amazing product 🙂 ~

  2. LAIS // @laisfuzetto

    ~ Smileskates is the combination of all that inspires me: dance, art, exercise, well-being and SMILE!

    A new concept in skateboarding that made me see the practice of flowing, moving smoothly and still feeling the wind all over my body!

    I love the idea of ​​seeing skateboarding as a dance form! I dance since I was 3, but skateboarding is a new thing and a delicious challenge!

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert I’m sure this experience will be a milestone in your routine! Simply incredible! ~

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