“Well I’m Norwegian, a Viking travelling the world hehe.

My home base now is Ericeira Portugal, a small surf town where I am building an eco-friendly horse farm, right next to my favorite beach, so surf is always close to me.

My dream was always to be by the ocean, surf, work with horses and theater and dance. And now, I’m doing all of that. I just quit modeling after working for agencies in Oslo, Barcelona, Lisbon and São Paulo.

I realized it’s not a future for me and I want to get back to my real dreams.

I love animals. I love my dog and my horse. I am traveling a lot for surf and work.
Educational wise I have MBE but after that I studied nutrition to become a nutritional guide and also became a personal trainer just to learn how to train smarter.

I work also with surf massage treatments for professional athletes…

So sometimes I’m very busy ahahaha but I’m loving it all.
Bottom line; chasing dreams and obligating them to come true”

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