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Well frankly honest the way you will use the surfy will define how it flows…

It performs tight turns…it is ideal for surf training & cone training on flat surfaces.

The surfy model which defines the width is best suited for anyone that enjoys a wider deck or people that have gorilla feet 😉 // 43+ EU size



The SURFY it is what most people enjoy to flow…that usually want to surf train & perform tight turns 😉


Smileskate is a multi-tool…use it to train, have fun, flow everywhere, practice surf maneuvers, exercise your body by being creative on ground!


You do not need a lot of space to practice…wear your wrist guards just to be super safe & your smile journey begins.

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 78 × 25 cm

2 reviews for SURFY

  1. GIULIA // @giuliamanfrini

    ~ The most fun skate I have ever had! The Surfy 25 really helped me to improve my surfing skills through concrete simulations. It’s smooth, playful and gives you an amazing flow! And on top of this, it’s a great training tool for your legs! Can’t be happier! ~

  2. GIANNA // @giannabythesea

    ~ Aloha! My favorite SmileSkates is my widest board with surfy trucks. The loose trucks help me generate speed when I pump, and after a little bit of movement I am flying down the road. The spring in the trucks also helps me get around the bowl when I take it to the park. Everyone at the park always asks me if they can take it for a spin around the bowl. So much stoke, lots of smiles. Xo ~

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