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Well frankly honest the way you will use the cruisy will define how it flows…

It is a model that will give the most out of any surface, ideal for any kind of person that is looking to move with their own rhythm.

The cruisy model which defines the width is best suited for anyone that enjoys a wider deck or people that have gorilla feet 😉 // 43+ EU size



The CRUISY it is what most people enjoy to flow with 😉


Smileskate is a multi-tool…use it to train, have fun, flow everywhere, practice surf maneuvers, exercise your body by being creative on ground!


You do not need a lot of space to practice…wear your wrist guards just to be super safe & your smile journey begins.

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 78 × 25 cm

5 reviews for CRUISY


    ~ For the last 8 years, I enjoy downhill / freeride longboarding.
    Lately a dear friend introduced a new perspective and for cruising changed instantly into being a joy able time.
    Wherever i went i could imagine concrete waves which i would just pump using my cores movement with such ease and enjoyment.
    It is such a fun activity and nice core workout that combines the mental factor also
    Since I love to surf the smileskate helps me by giving me time to feel how the board flows on concrete which then helps me in the water where there is less time to realize! ~


    ~ The smileskate is super fun to ride and easier to carve than what i expected 🙂 anyone can quickly get the hang of it ❤ ~

  3. NAME.DOT /

    ~ I don’t exercise, I either dance or play. Smileskate does both 🙂 thankful for my new smileskate toy! ~

  4. SHARLENE // @lifeofmisswest

    ~ Super fun board, glides and moves with you the way you want to flow. Would definitely recommend 🖤 ~

  5. EMMA // @emhenn9

    ~ Wicked fun board! It moves the way you want it to and it’s really easy to learn on this board. The wider deck allows for more of a surfer feel and riding the concrete waves has never been easier on this board! ~

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